The birth pangs of the sound activated camera

The film shows the point of view of a small camera activated by sound. A certain noise level will provide enough power for it to blink into life and silence the reverse. The record of its vision is epileptic. The machine has no function beyond seeing and not seeing and as such its continual breakdown is not dysfunction but part of its make up. Apart from its vision the machine itself appears inscrutable, a black box, wires, a tiny lens.


Awaiting Approval

Engaging with the machine that is FACT is at times a little frustrating. I put forward the following proposal a few weeks ago

Over the next few weeks I will spend my time making and placing simple machines around the private and public spaces (non exhibition) of FACT. These machines will act in, and record their surroundings using video and sound recording. It is hoped that they will develop an understanding of place and position within the FACT network and will look at engaging the existing machinery of FACT both human and non-human.

The machines will be birthed in FACT lab and at my own studio from which I will attempt to set up a live feed. They will be made from the materials and waste available at FACT and its surroundings and as such will be part of the building itself.

Unfortunately it seems to be held in some sort of stasis, or processing. download

The more informal, small scale and underground I want to be, the more approval is needed. Anyway I have begun to make and may start installing works around the city in secret. This is a window cleaning machine which is activated by a whisker sensor. I am hoping to site it in the FACT office so that it is activated every time the photocopier lid is raised.

Another area I am interested in working is the fridge. This simple machine seems to generate the highest number of emails at FACT and exerts a Cthulhuian power over all.

Here is a Bonbon dispenser for FACT meetings in the boardroom.

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Bonbon dispenser for long meetings at FACT

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