One thought on “Upcoming Shows”

  1. QWFC. Quite wonderful for Colchester.

    Delightful. Curious. Beguiling. Intriguing. So many thoughts and ideas. I really felt for some of the mechanisms as they struggled to continue their existence and was cheering them on as they laboured. Was puzzled by some of them – what was the screen-noise-box-thing to the left of the fancy fireplace all about? Several of them were defunct – don’t think any of the battery powered ones were going [might just be that no-one had turn them on; it didn’t seem right to fiddle with them, though I have to confess I was tempted]. The one that got me started was the mechanism-in-a-box near the entrance. Once I’d watched that for a while, in fascination at the organic way the box lifted and tipped and flexed, I was there and had the right kind of frame of mind for approaching the others. Anyway, thanks again. Made my day, that did.

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